Founded by Phyllis Keitlen in 2020, PhyllisK New York’s scented candle and reed diffuser lines feature over a dozen scented emotionally themed candles and fragrances. She encourages customers to “shop by mood”; offering a variety of several scented-themed candles and diffuser fragrances, compatible with personal emotions such as “Love”, “Wish”, “Hope”, for the ultimate experience that feeds the soul. 
 Keitlen describes her new business as more than just a ‘Candle & Diffuser Company’ and is truly making a difference – “As the only human sense directly linked to emotions and memories, scent is perhaps the most important facet of a home’s aesthetic and start of recovery. During this time, it has been our mission to bring new light, and a loving atmosphere to help people calmly relax and enjoy fresh, tranquil aromas at home. Our natural soy based scented candles and diffusers set a peaceful environment meant to relax, energize and help you escape the day to day.
 The company is providing a unique product for healing combined with philanthropic efforts. They partner with local and national non-profits to make an impact that goes beyond Candle and diffuser products. PhyllisK, Inc. brings peace and harmony, as well as heartwarming scents of giving, memories, and hope for the future.